Een onderwijsproject voor kansarme kinderen in Rwanda

ECD concept in Rwanda

Leonard Ntibazubugingo is benoemd tot Country Director van WoaBF en zal zo nu en dan een artikel schrijven over de stand van zaken in Rwanda. Hieronder zijn eerste bijdrage.


ECD concept in Rwanda.

The concept of Early Childhood Development is known for a long period in developed countries like The Netherlands. For Rwanda, the Early Childhood Development is known as a policy not for a long period because its strategic plan was approved in September 2011.

This means that a great number of Rwandese people didn’t attend the ECD center referring to its definition. For some cases, we used only to assist on the pre-primary schools creation in the town especially in Kigali. Rural areas were not concerned because most of the cases, the initiative of such a creation was private. I, myself, 45 years old, didn’t attend an ECD center. Cases like mine are so many.

The big challenge, still, is the lack of infrastructures including the road to access to the schools, insufficiënt classrooms, drinking water and for hygiene, safe toilets… This is due to the lack or low budgets allocated to the ECD implementation. The rural areas like Bugesera are paying the tribute. The challenge related to low budget is met by Wings of a Brighter Future with the big will of supporting Rwandan toddlers. To solve such a problem, requires the cooperation and complementarity of different stakeholders in this domain. Everyone must play its role in this area. These last days, especially Bugesera District is now profiting from Elisabeth van Helmond, the professional teacher for 41 years of experience in ECD center promotion.

Leonard Ntibazubugingo, country director Wings of a Brighter Future.