Een onderwijsproject voor kansarme kinderen in Rwanda

Focus on Bugesera District

Bugesera District is one of the Districts with different areas, which are really rural. Most of the time, areas like these are facing different challenges of insufficient infrastructures. This can affect different angles of any country economy. For our case, the focus will be on Bugesera District. Referring to the meeting held with the Sectorleaders from Nyarugenge and Shyara sectors in February 2018, through our discussions, all the two sectors are facing the lack of infrastructures mostly related to children education and wellbeing.

  • The classrooms are not sufficient, therefore, more children in one room, more than 50.
  • The roads are insufficient; therefore, the distance between the households and the schools is too long. For this reason, the children access to schools very late and it is one of the big causes of drop out.
  • The infrastructures related to drinking water and water for hygiene are not enough. There is a big need of extension. Because children are doing a lot of distance to access to different pumps of water.
  • ECD centers are very rare and not well understood, while this could be the roots for the future generation in terms of delivering different services related to good hygiene, nutrition, children rights, motor skills …..

For all these reasons, Wings of a Brighter Future has launched an initiative of assisting various ECD centers  in Bugesera District. It is now supporting 3 ECD’S in the region: Juru, Rilima, Nyarugenge Sectors and soon in Shyara Sector by providing furniture: tables and chairs, class materials, training and coaching and water. Even if WoaBF is supporting the above ECD’s, but still, many of the children are not concerned due to insufficient infrastructures and the other problems related to Bugesera geographical situation.

To implement and succeed the ECD Program in Bugesera District requires the collaboration of different stakeholders. This will help to get the skilled, productive workforce but also a true citizen able to reduce:

  • Infant, child and maternal mortality,
  • To reduce poverty,
  • To reduce malnutrition and developmental delays,
  • Able to achieve a universal quality basic education,
  • Able to access safe drinking water, to sanitation and improve hygiene
  • Capable to promote women and children rights.

Leonard Ntibazubugingo, field monitoring officer.