Een onderwijsproject voor kansarme kinderen in Rwanda

Dear WoaBF members and friends!

I am Justin, the director and founder of Icyerekezo ECD. I would like to share this letter with you, to let you know how happy we are with WoaBF.

My ECD started in 2018 in the Bugesera district and we are the only one in this area. Before we started, children had to travel around 3 kilometers to find the nearest ECD. Many children didn’t attend pre-primary due to the long journey, the lack of an ECD in their vicinity and the situation of their families.

When starting this ECD, we had very few books, no class materials and no training. The floors of the classrooms were very dusty. One morning while I was teaching I met Leonard, Country Director of WoaBF who was visiting our ECD. He promised to visit again and indeed he did, bringing several class materials. He kept on visiting and in November 2019 I first met Liesbeth, Chairmember of WoaBF. That same month we not only received training facilities, we also got four boxes of materials and money to renovate the classroom floors. The next step will be purchasing school furniture.

Your support means a lot to me. Because my aim in life is to estabilsh an ECD which is near and cheap for everyone in the area. In order to promote early childhood education and inclusive education.

Therefore I would like to thank you for supporting my ECD. Thanks to your help and cooperation we can ensure a brighter future for many children.

Justin Mugabo.