Robert Budali

Robert Budali

My name is Robert Budali, Marketing Manager at Centre d’Accueil Bonne Esperance in Kigali.

I’m social worker, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree of Commercial Engineering from Catholic University of Rwanda. I’m experienced in commercial area especially in marketing of hospitality industry.

I’m ready to give my contribution after hearing the initiatives and the objectives of Wings of a Brighter Future. I feel concerned by children education because the best future is from the best foundation and together we can achieve the impossible.

All the best!


Jean Marie Muhire

My name is Mr. Muhire Jean Marie Eugène, lawyer at Rwanda Barr Association. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree of Law from Kigali Independent University and an MBA (Finance & Banking) from Kabale University in Uganda. I also hold a Post-Graduate degree in Legal Practice.

Prior to becoming a member of Rwanda Barr Association in 2016, I worked as an independent consultant in law and management for different consultancy companies, providing research and training aimed at the population’s social behaviour change, including human and children’s rights related issues. The research projects in which I participated include, but are not limited to, the evaluation of two law related projects, namely: a two years project on Child Rights and Family Strengthening (assignment by SOS Rwanda) and a two years project on Women Rights, related to access to land and women economic empowerment (assignment by TROCAIRE-Rwanda) as Team Leader.

I have also worked as Global Governance Researcher within Rwanda Governance Board, as Quality Control Specialist in the Ministry of Infrastructure and as Legal Advisor for several companies in Rwanda. My educational and professional experience makes my practice easy in various areas of law including but not limited to corporate, labour, government procurement and commercial law.
As a lawyer, I am volunteering as facilitator and legal advisor in registering WoaBF in Rwanda.


Etienne Ndutiye

My name is Etienne Ndutiye, I’m currently working with Women for Women International-Rwanda; an INGO that provides women survivors of war, civil strife, and other conflicts with tools and resources enabling them to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency. When we talk about women we can not let out their children!

It’s really made me happy to hear about Wings of a Brighter Future that is involved in helping children as now the Government of Rwanda is struggling by schools drop outs, children employed in mining, tea plantations etc. Using my knowledge and skills in financial issues, I’m a holder of Bachelors ‘Degree Honors in Finance and sharing my experience in ‘women issues’. I’d like to contribute to the success of Wings of a Brighter Future in Rwanda!

Educate children, build Rwanda of tomorrow!


Leonard Ntibazubugingo

Country Director

Dear founder and friends of Wings of a Brighter Future.

My name is Leonard Ntibazubugingo. I am 44 years old, married, I have 4 children (3 males, 1 female from 20-7 years old), raising 1 orphan (7 years, male). All of them are still studying.

I am an educated man, an oriented and based human right researcher for several years. I have played a big role in different surveys organized by his professional trade union on child labor in Tea plantation sector in Rwanda.

Despite this, I am an attracted farmer with some forests and coffee plantations. I am one of the founders of a local coffee processing cooperative with 100 farmers.

As far as education is one of the fundamental human right, I am convinced the said right has to get its fundamental roots since the early child hood development.

After our first surprising meeting with Liesbeth van Helmond in Eastern Province of Rwanda while she was visiting her ECD’s based in Bugesera District, we shared various experiences and discovered that we have a common interest of transforming the society through education since the early childhood.

As the one who is used and interested in working with the community (I have a great ability in communication with various groups), I am interested in helping Liesbeth van Helmond initiatives by approaching the community by visits, advices, sensitization of the community on the importance of the education promotion by insistence on the early childhood development but also the role of the community to achieve this key goal.

Claudine Nyirandagijimana

Claudine Nyirandagijimana

My name is Claudine Nyirandagijimana, married and blessed with three daughters. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and majored in Accounting from Adventist University of Central Africa. Now I am ready to graduate in Educational Education Administration.

Wings of a Brighter Future helped me to get class materials and provided training sessions to the caregivers and myself. Really, Wings of a Brighter Future reserves my appreciation because its contribution was a great help to ECD La Divine in Kanombe. I am the owner and therefore I cannot keep quiet and withhold the good news to other ECD centers so they can also benefit from the same service. I testify of what Wings of a Brighter Future has done to my ECD in changing the lifestyles of children and caregivers. Because of the help of this organization, our children grow mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Therefore, I would like to join the volunteer team and work together to contribute to its mission..

Thank you so much. May Almighty God bless you.

Gaspard Nzayisenga

Gaspard Nzayisenga

I am a Rwandan wildlife veterinarian working for Gorilla Doctors, an organization that is dedicated to conserving wild mountain and eastern lowland (or Grauer’s) gorillas through life-saving veterinary care and a One Health approach.

I’m equally passionate for early childhood education especially the least advantaged ones. Therefore I thought that by making my contribution towards early years of education to the less fortunate by establishing an Early Childhood Development center would be the best way of giving back to the community.

With my team of teachers and caregivers, we are running an ECD center in our neighborhood since 2015 and because of this initiative; I was featured as “the silent hero” of the month by the Silent Heroes Foundation in 2017.

High quality pre-school child care lays the foundation for a successful start at school and later in life. Since its beginning, our school has known a steady growth and WoaBF has been a proud partner and has accompanied us through the process of improving the quality of the child care service.

I am very excited about the opportunity to volunteer with the Wings of a Brighter Future in particular and I feel committed to its different interventions to promote the qualified early childhood education among several thriving preschools across the country. I believe that the privilege of working with WoaBF will best allow me to share my vision of a fair start in life with others and advocate for those whose voices are not heard.